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i) Vital Statistics.
kaelah.. most know me as kazz. i'll be sixteen in sixty-one days. (march 30.. just so you dont have to actually count) im a holder of the vagina. aries the ram all the way. fire sign (like woah!) im short. 5'3. and THAT is the ONLY dimension you need to know =D

ii) Post one photograph.

paleness = crappy camera + dark room + flash. =/

iii) Favourites.
a league of their own
the breakfast club
pretty woman
edward scissorhands

the giver - lois lowry
of mice and men - john steinbeck
animal farm - george orwell
the yellow wallpaper - charlotte perkins-gilman
the angel trilogy with ethan.. (3 books//set) - lurlene mcdaniel

taking back sunday
fall out boy
the pink spiders
something corporate
brand new


+++television shows
mad tv
tru calling
the oc
one tree hill
trading spaces

iv) Give us your opinion on five contraversial, political points.

abortion- pro. i believe a baby that is unwanted shouldnt be brought into this world to be oppressed by society.. (if adoption isnt an option, that is) and that there are many ways around the issue. its a womans body. she has the right to do as she pleases. i dont think its right in all cases but if someone wants to do something badly enough then they will.

politics (in general)- i AM anti-bush. i suppose you could call me liberal. but i agree with many republican views such as a more powerful state government as opposed to mearly federal. i am for alot of change, but too much change too soon could cause too much chaos. enough too's for you? ..if i were to run for president, my foundation would be gay rights. =D had to throw that one in.

homosexual marriages- for. 100%.. i believe the constitution, bill of rights, and declaration of independence among other documents fully support and give the right by law for homosexuals to be married//joined in matrimony.

the mars exploration- many people are throwing a fit about the US using our money to fly golfcart sized robot cars to mars.. and saying its a waste. but if you think about it, mars is earth's closest planet, meaning the temperature and climate there is most like earth's than any other planets. sure, the terrain might be different, and it may lack the water than the earth has, but by studying mars, we can find out what earth might come to be one day. mars, like earth, has giant canyons and mountains. its highest mountain.. 16 miles tall.. 300 miles across. thats 3 times mt everest! its amazing. and if it does nothing for the future of earth, at least we'll learn some fascinating things.

the marth stewart case (even if it is old news)- that bitch should go to jail just like any other american citizen should if found to be trading stocks behind the scenes. we all know fair and square that if any normal citizen did that, they'd spend a few years in jail.. why isnt she?? dkfla;lskdfj. grr.

v) In your own words, define 'satire'.
[Here's a hint: this is a serious chance to employ wit.]
i'm pretty sure it's were you make fun of someone.. in a sense.. not like literally poke fun at.. but point out their blatant stupidity. i dont know. but thats just a guess.

vi) If you had to be a fascist, a neo-liberalist, an anarchist or a communist, which would you be and why?
probably a fascist.. correct me if i'm wrong.. but isnt that like an advocate or something for something. haha i know im not exactly explaining much, but if i am right.. probably that seeing as i am an advocate for quite a few issues such as animal rights, gay rights, and so forth.

vii) What are your five most and five least elite features?
+my creativity.
+my sense of humor.
+my blutness.
+my outgoing sense of.. self? yeah. that one.
+my ability to be friend or tear apart almost anyone

-the fact i tend to overreact
-i'm rather rude to most people i just meet and dont like
-i'm bad about procrastinating
-i dont let people know i have a personality until i "know" then
-i lose friends easily over stupid things

viii) What do you think of favouring somebody for being good at things in...
[a] an education system? [b] everyday life?
[a] .. like.. smart people? i think they should be recognized, but not necessarily rewarded. if it doesnt mean smart people, then i have no idea?
[b] .. uh.. like a good athlete in the olympics? fuck. i dont know. give them a medal. woo.

ix) Curriculum Vitae.
[IQ, 100m running time, certificates in oral sex, those sorts of things.]

IQ - three points above butter. .........not really. 153 last time i took an IQ test.
100m runing time... i'm not a sprinter. but i do run long distance.. just not competitively.. 2 miles everyday. woo.
I'm such the typical virgin. =D
BUT! i can do the human pretzel and the splits both ways!
x) Tell us of a precocious event that occured in your childhood.
i got a puppy.. his name was bert. he was little. half poodle half brichon frise. i loved him. raised him until he was 13. he was my best friend. sadly he died 06/22/03 of kidney failure. luckily i was laying by his side when he passed away. i had returned home from camp a day earlier. he waited for me. god i miss that dog more than anything ever. <3

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