trashy_barbie (trashy_barbie) wrote in elitists_inc,


i) Vital Statistics.

Name, calamity
age, 20
sex, chick
location. boston
Star Sign. don't know
Dimensions. 39 26 30
All that jazz.

ii) Post one photograph.
[No more. No less.]

iii) Favourites.
Give us five lists of your top five things. [Books, don't read much
movies, soul plane, crossroads,legally blond,casper,barbershop.
et cetera.]

iv) Give us your opinion on five contraversial, political points.
what? I hate politics.
v) In your own words, define 'satire'. funny things.
[Here's a hint: this is a serious chance to employ wit.]

vi) If you had to be a fascist, a neo-liberalist, an anarchist or a communist, which would you be and why? communist, i don't know what those other words mean.

vii) What are your five most and five least elite features? brain, face, eyes, body,mouth. least= i'm slutty, i don't think much, careless, hyper, drink a lot, smoke, do drugs.

viii) What do you think of favouring somebody for being good at things in...
[a] an education system? i don't get it.
[b] everyday life?i don't get it.

ix) Curriculum Vitae.
[IQ, low
100m running time, i'm fast
certificates in oral sex, i'm good at it
those sorts of things.]

x) Tell us of a precocious event that occured in your childhood. what does precocious mean?

Make it pretty. And put it behind a fucking lj-cut.
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