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inflexible juors

i) Vital Statistics
Karen, 16, female,
the states, saggitarius

ii) Photograph
(sorry, but I only had a .gif available).

iii) Favourites.
1. Iggy Pop and his raw power
2. Morrissey
3. Jack Kereauc's On the Road
4. The Graduate
5. American History X

iv) Give us your opinion on five contraversial, political points.

1. Jefferson debate- yes, it was proven that he held slaves, but this was simply to support his economic status at the time.

2. Abortion- many views on this controversy. A woman should be able to abort her a child that she was forced to conceive (example: rape.) But abortion shouldn't be used just because someone wants to have fun and fuck over and over and over again... they should learn the consequences. (run off onto a little tangent there).

3. Patriot Act- the [US] government is allowed to search houses WITHOUT a warrant, tap phone calls, and go to third parties for documents WITHOUT notification or permission. I understand that this is for our supposed "safety" from terrorists, etc, but the government has gone too far. This act will soon be used to convice criminals not associated with terrorist actions, but every-day crimes. Orwell, you were right.

4. Human cloning- I may seem "old-fashioned" and all, but this is simply absurd. Many say its great how science is developing itself into. The automobile became a useful convenience, but with its usefulness also came the possibility of misuse, creating hazards that previously did not exist. Early inventors of the automobile did not consider the pollution created by the burning of gas, and perhaps will never percieve the after effects of human cloning. Who could argue that the money and brain power devoted to cloning could not be better used on something else?? (like curing cancer, for example).

5. I'm all out of debate topics. the latter question drained my brain.

v) In your own words, define 'satire'.
Satire is [often cynical] expressed attitude towards an institution [like government, for example];

vi) If you had to be a fascist, a neo-liberalist, an anarchist or a communist, which would you be and why?
Probably a communist. Something about my Russian roots tells me to say the latter. (hah.) But in a serious sense, the communist manifesto looked BEAUTIFUL on paper- almost perfect in concept. Now, working it all out in real life is an ENTIRELY different story...

vii) What are your five most and five least elite features?
I'm quiet and hardly waste my time talking unless there's something to be said. Most people don't bother to listen to each other's opinion in its entirety. I laugh at people who have never heard of the Smiths, but then again, I'm no one to judge harshly on music.... music is everyone's personal taste. I'm american, I guess the fact that I am american brings me down a level from you euros, but then again, perhaps i'm not all that bad. at least I live without a redneckian accent or whatnot. I'm playing the violin in carnegie hall in 9 days, i guess thats somewhat of an accomplishment. I giggle at people who can't find middle C on the piano. Don't mean to come off as a bitchy elitist at all- please don't see my colors the wrong way.

viii) What do you think of favouring somebody for being good at things in...
to each his own, i suppose. everyone has a higher "intelligence" or talent, whether it be in music, or literature, etc. I never find myself jealous, like i said before, to each his own.

ix) Curriculum Vitae.
violin for 10 years
shotput thrower (haha).
collects vinyl
worked and volunteered in a hospital
loves art, applying for cooper union soon enough.
orchestra for 7 years

) Tell us of a precocious event that occured in your childhood
when i was little, i thought Mr. Rogers on the tele was my father because he wore the same knit sweaters as my "real father."
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