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i) Vital Statistics.
My name is Robyn and I am 15. My birthday is in August so that makes me a Leo. Rawr. ;)

ii) Post one photograph.

iii) Favourites.
Films:Superman(s), Back to the Future(s), Rocky(s)

iv) Give us your opinion on five contraversial, political points.
Top-up fees Mr Blair: You are a wanker. I cannot afford to go to uni if you do this. I am going to end up working in Macdonalds. Just because you're education was free, tit head.
War or Terrorism It's a good concept Mr.Bush but bombing the hell out of Afghanistan and Iraq will not solve your problems.
The "Sexed Up" Iraq document I have a feel Mr.Blair did make us think Iraq were about to drop boms on our heads any minute when they were not.
I can't think of anymore a.t.m :(

v) In your own words, define 'satire'. Tasteful Sarcasm. Usually done by some book critic at a book launch clutching a glass of wine mingling.

vi) If you had to be a fascist, a neo-liberalist, an anarchist or a communist, which would you be and why? Communist..Because the idea that everyone is equal is so perfect.

vii) What are your five most and five least elite features?Most Elite: Eyes, nose, hands, small feet and wrists.
Least elite: Cheeks, bum, belly, thighs and ankles.

viii) What do you think of favouring somebody for being good at things in...
[a] an education system? I don't fully understand the question but, if someone is good at school it does not mean they are amazing, deep people. Take Holden from Catcher in the Rye, he was crap at school but he came out with some very philosophycal things.
[b] everyday life?I would favour somebody if they were good at every day things.

ix) Curriculum Vitae.
Hmm..I don't know my IQ, I know I am above average, but not much. I have no certificates :( Youcould always give me one :)

x) Tell us of a precocious event that occured in your childhood I can't think of anything major, all I have in my head is pictures of my brothers giving attention to me. Like letting me dance of their feet and stuff.
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