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Inflexible Jurors


i) Vital Statistics.

Name: BJ Dale
Age:  15
Sex:  Male
Location:  Houston, Texas, United States
Star Sign: Taurus
Dimensions: 6 feet 0 inches.... 135 pounds... 28 inch waist... inseam 34

ii) Post one photograph.

iii) Favourites.

I. Favourite Designers:
(no i'm not gay... one of my ex-girlfriends REALLY liked designer goods)

1)Yves Saint Laurent

II. Favourite Classes

III. Favourite Places and why
1)Finland- my penpal lives there
2)the Netherlands-I have friends and family there
3)Track Meets- I thrive when competing in my event (Pole Vault)
4)The Sea- i really like going there
5)Sweden- another aquaintance lives there as well

IV. Favourite Books
1)Animal Farm
3)Het Achterhuis
4)Chariots of the Gods
5)The Alexiad of Anna Comnena

V. Favourite Artists-
1)Georges Seurat
2)Piet Mondrian


iv) Give us your opinion on five contraversial, political points.

1)Legalisation of Marijuana- it should be legal because people should be allowed to make their own desicions... alcohol could also be deemed a drug and it's legal.. so marijuana should be too.

2)Abortion-it's up to the woman...i don't really know the right answer in God's Eyes but i guess either way the woman will have to answer for it... so she might as well have a choice about it.

3)Illegal Immigration- as long as they work for their keep i don't have a problem with them (that doesn't mean they can suck off of welfare)

4)War in Iraq- Bush is an embarassment to Americans.. he doesn't know what he got himself into, and obviously no Weapons of Mass Destruction... he's a dumbass

5)Gay Marrige- well i don't have a problem with it... most straight marrigges end in divorce... so if it's really love then who says these marriges aren't normal.
v) In your own words, define 'satire'.
[Here's a hint: this is a serious chance to employ wit.]
MAD Magazine is a good example of satire...
well hmm it's a literary device that is used to poke fun at or expose vice or folly in humanity .....

for example George W. Sucks Dick(Cheney that is)

vi) If you had to be a fascist, a neo-liberalist, an anarchist or a communist, which would you be and why?
A Communist... everyone can benefit as long as the government doesn't become totalitarian... and communism was supposed to be the utopian form of government...

vii) What are your five most and five least elite features?

Five Most:
1)Bent Pinkie Fingers
2)My blue eyes
3)Hitler would like my nose
4)I can easily pick up foreign languages

Five Least:
2)Blond hair is going brown ;)
3)Not the best in mathematics
5)i sometimes blurt things out :/

viii) What do you think of favouring somebody for being good at things in...

[a] an education system- they should be rewarded for this and put in a more challenging class so their intellect isn't spoiled by the more plebian in knowledge students
[b] everyday life- I guess it depends upon how extrodinary they really are at these things...

ix) Curriculum Vitae.

1)I placed 6th in the state of Texas for the French Symposium Civilization Exam-
Freshman Level... I also made it to semi-finals with my prose reading of
"Le Petit Prince" (chapter 7)

2) My Highest Vault for Pole Vault- 10 feet

3) I can speak Finnish, French and Dutch

x) Tell us of a precocious event that occured in your childhood.
I had a post-high school reading level in 5th grade.... my teachers didn't like that because I could read the literature and finish and comprehend it faster than the other students.

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